Social Media Strategies for Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis is inherently social by nature, so too should be your cannabis marketing strategies. In the digital advertising landscape, social media now reigns supreme in terms sheer volume of marketing interactions, but many brands somehow still fail to grasp that the quality of your messages greatly outweighs the quantity. Here are a few initial thoughts for your cannabis brand if you’re looking to meaningfully engage with the billions of social media accounts that exist online today.

Legal Issues Of Cannabis Advertising LPs Are Facing

Cannabis Marketing can be a grey area - or green area. As one may expect, marketing a product that was once a substance entirely banned by the government will have stricter-than-usual regulations as the product is transitioning from illegal to legal. Aside from standard false advertising and misleading information policies that the marketing of all consumer goods and services is subject to, here are a few additional, cannabis-specific rules and regulations cannabis marketers need to consider.

Cannabis Marketing In The Digital Age

Digital advertising has become a necessity for just about any company, regardless of their industry. But for companies in the world of cannabis, digital channels can prove especially fruitful. It can be a complex world to navigate, but you don’t need to hire specialists to help coordinate your cannabis marketing efforts. Here are a few things to consider when making the leap from the real world to the screen.